The Flock of Free Range Children
The Flock of Free Range Children

“The Flock of Free Range Children” is an eclectic folk orchestra comprised of performers from all walks of life. Using a variety of acoustical instruments, percussion from different cultures and even child toys, they tell the story of our relationship as people, with our planet and each other as seen through the eyes of singer/songwriters Ronald van Nostrand and Dan Cleveland.

“The Flock” was formed in the spring of 2011 in desperation when Ron realized after booking the Paranormal Fair in Auburn, that his usual musical partner, Dan Cleveland, would be vacationing in San Francisco. He really wanted to do the show, so he decided to put together a program of songs he had written containing words related to spirit. The intimidation of playing solo in front of perhaps a large crowd caused him to begin enlisting people from his drum circles and others who had talked about perhaps “doing something together sometime.” Everyone he asked said yes, and so “The Flock of Free Range Children” was born.

“The Flock,” representing the often heard musical melody of the meadows, who work together as a team to create a palette of sound; “Free Range,” representing their playing style and “Children,” their point of view as through the eyes of children.

They are…

Ron Van Nostrand ~ writer/lead vocalist, acoustic six and twelve string guitar, mandolin, percussion, jaw harp and toys

Dan Cleveland ~ songwriter/lead vocalist, acoustic guitar, ukulele, cajon, washboard and drums

Linda Webster ~ warbler, hand drum, wooden frog, rain stick, tongue drum, maracas, loon wah-wah tubes, djembe & vocals

Don Watkins ~ warbler, wooden frog, rhythm sticks, drums, birimbeau & rack, kazoo, shruti box, beaver stick, tambourine, singing bowl, assorted bells & vocals

Marge Witty ~ washtub bass, Native American flute, castanets, and assorted percussion instruments

Dee Dusharm ~ warbler, hand drum, ankle bells, thunder can, ocean drum & vocals

John Davis ~ (Harmonica, digeridoo, ocean drum & vocals.